Georgia Duplex for Sale

If you are in search of an incredible primary residence or an investment opportunity, look no further than this Georgia Duplex for Sale. Currently divided into two separate homes, this property offers the flexibility for the buyer to purchase just one residence, or seize the chance to own six duplexes. With a total of 24 bedrooms and 12 full bathrooms, this investment promises a steady income and a 100% occupancy rate.

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All of the buildings on the property were improved and rebuilt in 2015, resulting in an effective age of less than 10 years old. This means that you can enjoy modern amenities and peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing a property that is relatively new and in excellent condition.

Georgia Duplex for Sale

Each duplex boasts two units, each with a family room, two bedrooms, and one full bathroom. The minimum leasing rate for each unit is an average of $720 per month or over $100,000 annually for the entire duplex. This impressive income potential makes this property an attractive investment opportunity with promising returns.

At present, all six duplexes are combined into one legal deed, necessitating that they be sold together. However, the seller is willing to work with a buyer who is interested in purchasing only one duplex as a primary residence or less than six units as an investment. In this case, the buyer will need to lead the effort to subdivide the property and handle the necessary legal aspects. This flexibility allows buyers to tailor their purchases to their specific needs and preferences.

The location of these duplexes is another standout feature. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by trees, the property offers a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Additionally, the private backyards provide ample space for entertaining family and friends, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

In summary, this Georgia Duplex for Sale presents an incredible opportunity for both homeowners and investors alike. Whether you are looking for a primary residence or a lucrative investment, this property offers it all. With six duplexes, each with two units and a desirable income potential, this investment promises a steady cash flow. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of real estate with great potential and a prime location. Contact the seller today to explore this exciting opportunity further.

259 Addington Drive NW, Rome, GA 30165

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